Using Crystopyra as Vastu Remedies

They are used in the quantity of 9, 18, 20, 27, 36, 45, 81, 90, and so on. However, to boost up the earth’s energy of 10 feet X 10 Feet, the five clusters of 9 Such Crystopyras or Crystopyras are enough. It means 45 nos. of such Crystopyras is an ideal quantity. If the same quantity is used in a bigger area, the chances of earth energy-boosting may not be 1000 – 1400 units, it may be less.
To rectify the Vastu defect of a Wrongly placed toilet, Staircase, Kitchen, Bedroom, Basement, office, main gate, driveway, or other places of the house, office, or industry the ideal number is 45 nos. for each place negatively located in any direction not good for that purpose.
Therefore at a place, 45 Crystopyras are a standard requirement.
To cut off any area one may use each number at a distance of 1 inch to 1 foot. However, if the Vastu defect is bigger then use more quantity to cut of the particular area.

Try to bury all the Crystopyras in the earth or under the tiling, under the flooring, marble, or wooden flooring.

For example, if the site is 25 degrees tilted, then all the Crystopyras should also be 25 degrees tilted.

Crystopyras As Vastu Remedies:

There are many types of Pyras: For example:

  • Pyras made of grey stone (Blood Stone)
  • Pyras made of With Marble
  • Pyras made of Glass
  • Pyras made of Amolids,
  • Pyras made of Alabaster Stone
  • Pyras made of Bronze
  • Pyras made of Gold
  • Pyras made of Silver
  • Pyras made of Plastic
  • Pyras made of Fiber
  • Pyras made of Paper
  • Pyras made of Hardboard
  • Pyras made of Wood
  • Pyras made of Copper
  • Pyras made of Clay
  • Pyras made of RCC (Concrete)
  • Pyras made of Bricks

How to use Crystopyra

If a toilet is located in the wrong direction then Crysto Pyra is good to be used. They should be used in 5 clusters of 9 Crysto Pyras each cluster. Similarly, if the Kitchen is not located in a positive direction then the Crysto Pyras are good to be used. Likewise, the wrong positioning & placement of staircase is also recommended to be cured with Crysto Pyras.

Traditionally long back the Pyramids were being used by the ancient clairvoyant people dealing in different occult sciences. The same methodology has taken a different shape in modern times. When the real Pyramids became costly & out of reach of a common person then the Vastu consultants started advising on Pyramids made of Marble. These were known as the Marbo-Pyras. But the energy effectiveness was not encouraging. Therefore, the most energetic material was tested and it gave very good feelers. Yes, these were made of real crystal. In this case, the user could get the benefit of Crystal as well as Pyramid. But the cost of each such Pyramid was so high that it went out of the reach of a common man.

The real use of Crysto-Pyra was felt when the earth’s energy level felt to be shooting up substantially. There was no meter to check the energy level during that time but the user was feeling much comfortable.